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iHTML Pro V2.1

Once you have installed iHTML Pro, this page will be replaced with the online documentation which is provided for this WebSite Pro 2.0 component.

iHTML WebSite Pro contains iHTML 2.1 Professional, the Inline HTML server extension tool kit. The iHTML extension to HTML is more than a simple scripting language. Using iHTML 2.1, you can enhance your web site with

iHTML 2.1 is implemented as a dynamic linked library (DLL). You place iHTML tags directly into regular HTML files. These tags allow you to do such things as access databases, perform math calculations, and define IF/THEN constructs, loops, and error handlers. By combining iHTML with Java Script within the same page, you can build some powerful combinations of server and client-side programming. The iHTML extension specifically addresses the following server-side needs:

If you know HTML, it is easy to learn iHTML because the language has been kept as close to the HTML standard tag structure as possible. Install iHTML Pro and get started!

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