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Premier Server-Side Java Environment

  • Java Servlet API support via JRun, Live Software's server-side extension for running Java servlets. JRun has been optimized for speed and is integrated with WebSite Professional's internal Java interpreter, ensuring fast throughput and response.

  • Lightning fast server-side Java, using the JDK 1.1 interpreter embedded in WebSite Pro and WebSite's own WebSite Servlet API. Included class library makes building complex server-side applications in Java a breeze.

Widest Range of Development Tools, Plus Sandboxing!

  • Use Microsoft's Active Server Pages and WebSite Pro's integrated, easy-to-use ASP administration. No more Registry edits!

  • Put the server's internals to work through the WebSite API (WSAPI) as well as support for Internet Server Applications (ISAs) written for Microsoft's ISAPI.

  • Full support for both Standard and Windows CGI.

  • Perl for Win32 and Python for Win32 are bundled with WebSite Pro, giving you access to two powerful scripting languages.

  • Assign separate anonymous accounts for virtual servers. ISPs: Now you can provide protected CGI/API uploads! Let your customers write, upload, and test their own applications without worrying about the safety of your system.

Tools from inLine for Scripting and Commerce


  • iHTML Pro is a server-side scripting platform, which will be a boon to dynamic site creators. iHTML Pro allows you to add programmatic logic, conditional statements, file manipulation, math functions, ODBC connectivity and more to your site all from within your HTML documents (no additional files required) with an easy-to-learn HTML tag-like syntax.

    iHTML Merchant Server

  • iHTML Merchant is a full-featured merchant server that greatly simplifies the setup and administration of online stores. It includes:
    • Support for an unlimited number of stores and an unlimited number of categories and products within each store
    • Turn-key, fully customizable store templates
    • Browser-based administration
    • Dynamic sales reports
    • Banner ad rotation
    • A shopping cart
    • Automatic tax and shipping calculations
    • An easy-to-implement interface to CyberCash, allowing for real-time credit card verification over the Internet (with or without customer wallets)
    As the name implies, iHTML Merchant is built entirely with iHTML. Therefore, unlike most merchant servers, it is completely customizable (not just in appearance, but in functionality) simply by editing the HTML documents and the iHTML code within them.

Tightest Access Security in the Industry

  • Use NT native users and groups for password access in addition to WebSite Pro's own users, groups, and realms. Check out the white paper on NT Native Authentication at WebSite Central.

  • Support for Microsoft NTLM authentication eliminates the need for users to enter usernames and passwords on NT-based intranets.

  • Request processing in the context of an NT account (anonymous or authenticated). Layer WebSite Pro's powerful access control with NT's native access control for super-flexible security.

And so Much More!

  • IP-less virtual servers (multiple virtual servers sharing a single IP address). Mix and match IP-less virtual servers with IP-bound ones. A new identity wizard makes creating virtual servers quick and error free.

  • Homesite 2.5 – full-featured 32-bit HTML editor from Allaire Corporation

  • New Key Ring Manager provides graphical control over private/public key pairs, certificates, and trusted roots. Generates and accepts standard (PKCS#10/X509) formats.

  • New Explorer-like interface for WebView makes managing virtual servers and complex webs a snap.

  • The fastest and most complete link mapping and verification anywhere with the new WebView.

  • New wizard-based keyword indexer WebIndex eases the task of creating and editing most document indexes.

  • Scriptable command-line keyword indexer can create indexes based on complex criteria, including recursive indexing.

  • New WebFind keyword search form and report page can be customized in many ways.

  • Enhanced QuickStats processes any log format, any size, virtual servers with multiple logs, and more!

  • Support for separate server administrator email addresses for each identity

  • Many HTTP/1.1 features, including the all-important persistent connections and byte-range support. More HTTP/1.1 features to be phased in on an ongoing basis.

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