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Server Self-Test & Demonstration
CGI Usage


An important part of runing a Web server is getting information from users and manipulating via the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). WebSite Pro's CGI features let you use external programs to process HTML forms, generate documents, and do other processing in response to a request from the browser.

Using CGI Programs:

Sample Order-Entry Application (VB5 Runtime Required)

This example uses Windows CGI and a form to provide an order-entry service. The external forms-processing program pizza32.exe is a Visual Basic 5.0 (32-bit) application, compiled into an executable. The same program generates the form as well as processing its results. Note that the form has the current time on it.

NOTE: This example is an excellent reference implementation for forms applications. If you are interested in developing forms-based applications, please take the time to read the VB code in pizza32.bas.

Forms Processing (VB5 Runtime Required)

Forms must be processed by a server-side program. One of the difficulties encountered in developing programs for forms is decoding the form data. The browser sends this data in a special form called URL-encoded. If you use the Windows CGI interface, the server will decode all forms data for you. Furthermore, the Visual Basic template application contains a module that handles reading the decoded form information into VB globals, then calls your module to do the actual processing. This approach is a major time (and frustration) saver and is a feature available only on WebSite servers.

Sample search form

Here is a simple form that uses a VB CGI program. Fill in the field and select an option, then click the Search button. The demo back end simply reports what would ordinarily be submitted to the database search engine.

The Search On field supports multiple selections (may not be supported by your browser). Try it and see how the server handles decoding it.

Search on (multiple)


the following:


Database Integration with VB5 and Access 95

This sample requires the Microsoft DAO 3.5 Object Library (dao350.dll) which is included with Visual Basic Professional 5.0 and various other data access applications.

This sample shows many useful techniques for using VB5 with Access (and any ODBC) databases. We suggest you read through the Introduction, which has links to browser-visible VB source code and Access design screens, as well as a live sample you can play with. If the live sample runs, then your VB and Access installations are OK.

Study this thoroughly if you plan to use VB and Access for database work. The sample is covered in detail in Chapter 7 of Creating Dynamic Content.

Server-Push Animation (NT ONLY)

Try it now (NT only; server-push capable browsers required)

WebSite Pro's Standard CGI interface supports a special non-spooled mode for doing live animations, also known as server-push. This page shows a demonstration.
. Most versions of Netscape do handle this.)

Note: Windows 95's TCP package cannot pass sockets to children; therefore, server-push does not work on Windows 95.

Form-Based File Uploading

Try it now (upload-capable browser required)

WebSite Pro supports the new RFC-1867 form-based file uploading and multipart/form-data formats. Windows CGI decodes this new form data for you transparently. The uploader CGI program is one of the samples included with WebSite Pro. As shipped, files are uploaded into a directory with an access-controlled URL mapped to it. The upload area should never be accessible to anyone with a browser.


You've now successfully completed the server self-test! If you got this far without problems, you've done a thorough checkout of your server's setup. Congratulations.

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