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Right now, check to see that you are reading this document through your WebSite Pro server and not as a file. Look at the URL displayed in the box above this area. If it doesn't start with http://, then you are not using the server. If the WebSite Pro server is not running, start it now and click here to switch to server-based reading.

This page is another version of your web's home page, a file named fancy-index.html-ssi in your server's document root. Note the visitor count at the top of the page (it shows only if you're reading this page through your server). The daily visitor counter is a built-in feature of WebSite Professional's server-side include (SSI) support. You can use a static document for your home page (index.html) or a dynamic document with one or more server-side includes.

To use this document as your home page, change its name to index.html-ssi and delete or rename the static home page (index.html) to something like OLD-index.html. Then, use the HomeSite HTML editor (or an editor of your choice, such as Notepad) to change this document to welcome visitors to your web. You can add text, pictures, sounds, links to other documents, other server-side includes, and more!

We recommend that you:

  • Check out the WebSite Professional documentation for examples, tutorials, procedures, and tips on setting up your site.

  • Check out the WebSite Pro Resources for online demonstrations, examples, tutorials, diagnostics, and reference.

Above all...

Have Fun!

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